What is wrong with blacks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there is nothing wron with blacks

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Q: What is wrong with blacks?
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Who is more racist to who whites to blacks or blacks to whites?

Either way you're stereotyping a whole race of people and that's wrong.

Why did the abolitionists want slavery to end?

They thought it was wrong that blacks were being treated like human property.

What made martin stand up for blacks?

Martin Luther King jr. wanted equal rights for whites and blacks. He thought it was wrong to give whites a larger amount of money for jobs. Also, he wanted no discrimination against anyone (from blacks to whites, or whites to blacks) even though this might have brought up riots.

What motivations or influences did Walt Whitman have on poetry?

He thought slavery was discriminating and wrong towards the blacks free and enslaved

Teen hispanic and blacks dating?

Theres nothing wrong with it. Some black guys/girls are into hispanics, asains, koreans, japanese, indians, and more Nothing wrong with it at all

Does a black person or a white person commit the most crimes?

I am not being rasict, but the truth is that in America blacks commit more crimes than white people do. And usually, if you refer to murder, it is blacks killing other blacks. I hope that this answers your question! P.S. Don't listen to the last person who answered. He or she was wrong. Blacks can be very smart. That was an awful thing to say.

What were monies that blacks were required to pay before they could vote?

Grandfather Clause

Who supported Congos independence from Belgium?

All the people of Congo who thought the laws were wrong. Mostly blacks that had lived there before the Belgiums took over.

What did Martin Luther King Ir do to help America?

He made everybody realize how blacks where being treated.He showed people where being unfair to blacks, they where making them usebad bathrooms bad fountains bad housesHe mostly showed the "Separate but equal" rule was wrong

What does the word kemet means in social studies?

In social studies, the word "Kemet" refers to the ancient name for the land of Egypt. It is derived from the Egyptian word "km.t," meaning "black land" or "the land of the blacks," in reference to the fertile black soil along the Nile River. This term is often used in the context of studying the history and civilization of ancient Egypt.

What was the effect of Jim crows laws?

they segregated blacks and whites.

What impact did Bill Cosby have in the world?

He brought awareness to many Blacks and showed them there is another way to be successfull without being into crime. He Gave us Fat Albert, who should all kids the meaning from right and wrong. He gave the Blacks a different approach to comedy, no cursing...