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they mostly lived in tipi's

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Q: What kind of housing did the crow tribe live in?
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What type of housing did the Crow Indians live in?


What was the crow tribe's religion?

They live in tepees.They wear deer skin

Where did the Crow Tribe live?

in a feather by:Brian -_- just go with the flow

What kind of houses did the irquois indians live in?

The Iroquois tribes historically built longhouses, each housing many families. It is likely that the exact construction of the longhouse differed from tribe to tribe.

What kind of house do Fox tribe live in?

what house does a fox tribe live in

What did the crow tribe live in?

they lived in tepees made out of buffalo hide over logs

Where did the 'Crow' native American tribe live?

They are and have lived in the Southern Montana/Wyoming region.

Where did the crow Indians live?

Crow Indians lived in the states of Wyoming and Montana. Some people in this tribe can still be found in Montana today.

What type of life did the crow tribe live?

Crow Indians had a nomadic life and lived off the land. They had portable teepees, and hunted for their food.

What type of homes do the crow tribe live in?

The Crow are plains tribes so used teepees. They would move camps in the summer and winter months.

What kind of habitat do the bambara tribe live in?

They live in the savannah.

Where does the Crow tribe live?

Many members of the Crow tribe live today on the Crow Reservation in central southern Montana, along with some non-natives who have leased or purchased some of the Reservation land. About 1,000 Crows live in nearby towns such as Hardin and Billings. The Reservation's boundaries have remained unchanged for over 100 years and the principal population centres are Pryor, St Xavier, Lodge Grass and Crow Agency. The major areas of employment are with the Tribal Government in healthcare, education, housing and administration, as well as with local colleges and coal-mining companies. Some Crow are employed as ranch-hands and cowboys. Crow basketball teams have gained a reputation as successful and highly competitive players.

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