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they ate food that they grow. they used the seeds to grow it. they live in log shelters.they look like houses, but they are not.

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Q: What kind of huts do the Creek Indians live in?
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What kind of huts did paleo Indians live in?

in huts

What kind of building did plains Indians live in?

they live in a long house

What state did the creek Indians live in?

The Creek tribe lived in parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The Poarch Creek still live in Alabama.

What are the homes that the archaic Indians live called?

HUTS they lived in huts.

What kind of house did the calusa live in?

the calusa indians lived in wall less huts that stood on poles

What kind of houses did the tonkawa indians live in?

They lived in buffalo made tents called tepees.

What did the makah Indians live in?

They live in tiki huts in washington by the bay

What did the Pomo Indians live in?

The Pomo Indians lived in huts made out of straw.

What part of Tennessee did the Creek Indians live?

The Creek Indians lived in South Middle Tennessee. Creek Indians also lived along the Tennessee River. Creek Indians also lived in Alabama and Georgia.

What did the Wintun Indians live in?

Koola Tipis and Tule Huts

Did karankawa Indians live in teepees?

did karankawa Indians live in teepees

Do Chinook Indians live in teepee?

No, they lived in longhouses.