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Native Americans righfully claimed all lands in the America's (today known as North America, Central America and South America). This was confirmed by the courts of Europe in 1532 (that they had a legal and rightful claim to the lands as its owner and custodians).

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Q: What land did the native Americans claim?
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What was the Impact of European land claims on Native Americans?

European lands claim to Native Americans by battleing their fears

What caused conflict between Native Americans and settlers?

the native Americans were mad at the settlers for taking there land and the settles were scard of the native Americans

Why did the Americans force the native of their land?

so they can claim the land for there country gold, god and glory

What natives called the land?

In the United States the Native Americans did not call the land by any name because they did not claim ownership of it complete. The Native American's just referred to it as "The land".

Why would the Native Americans claim the same private property rights as Western settlers?

The native Americans did not claim the same land. The US government promised them that land and then broke it and sold it to the highest paying settler. That's the same story as the Cherokee Strip (also known as Oklahoma) and most of Texas.Lexi

How did the french and british use the native Americans of the region?

They used them to fight off the British so they could claim the land

What land reserved for Native American?

The west was reserved for the Native Americans but the Americans kept on moving westward and kept forcing the Native Americans out of their territories or land. So it would be a yes they had land and a no that Americans kept FORCING them out of their land.

Christopher Columbus which country was the first to claim Florida's land?

The Native Americans. But if you don't want to go that far back... Spain

Which group occupied Alcatraz between 1969 and 1971?

Native Americans wishing to claim the land for their use.

What condition did congress say Alaska needed to accept before it was admitted as a state?

Alaska was not allowed to claim lands held by Native Americans.

What are three sentences summarizing the long term effects of the white farmers wanting the native Americans land?

It is because the native Americans have a lot of land and also the native Americans land have a lot of native and wild animals feeding on it.

What did Native Americans give up under the Treaty of Greenville?

Native Americans gave up much of their land in Ohio.