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Q: What made it much easier for American settlers to move west?
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Things that made early settlers move west?

The things that made settlers move to the west was gold.ANS 2 - I'm not American, but my view of history was that most settlers moved west to claim their own farmland in the new territories.

Were did American Indians live in va before the arrival of the English settlers?

the settlers made the native americans move west and kept on doing that until the governer made a place for the native americans to stay at

What are the push and pull factors that lead to the settlers to move out west?

that the slaves worked in the south so that made the settlers move more into the west they pushed the slaves in the south and pulled the settlers back to the west

With whom did the Backcountry settlers have conflicts?

The Native American tribes, because the settlers pressured the Natives move off the land they wanted to settle.

Why was the transcontential rairoad made?

it was made to improve trade and make it easier and also made it easier for pioneers to move west

How did the republic of Texas encourage settlers to move there?

they gave the settlers some freshly made burritos with low-fat beans off the market!

What about New Hampshire made the settlers move there?

Because of religious freedom and they had no other dump to go to.

The decline of native populations in the Americas was mainly due to?

The decline of the native population in early American history was war with the settlers. The settlers forced them to move from their land and many of them died.

What impact did elevator passenger have on society?

Made it easier to move buildings

What did chief Logan do?

Chief Logan is a american indian who helped settlers move into oHIO rIVER vALLEY. He soon went to batte when the settlers killed his parents.Then soon he died in battle by europeans

What did the loss of Indian hunting lands to settlers cause?

The loss of Indian hunting lands to the settlers caused the Indians to struggle to find food. This made them move more often and become more aggressive toward the settlers.

What might have made the Indians' move easier?

Moving during the summer instead of the winter