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Q: What method did CORE use to end segregation in public places?
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What group treid to end segregation?

Core Protestors

What is the CORE organization?

CORE meaning Congress of Racial Equality was formed in 1942 by James Farmer to reduce segregation in the United States.

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How did African Americans challenge segregation after world war 2?

The Civil rights act movement from 1945 to 1975 started early demands for equality. The Plessy vs. Ferguson case made it legal tosegregatebased on the "separatebut equal clause." It was only able to stay legal if while the blacks and whites wereseparate they were also equal. Everyone seemed to understand that, but they didn't follow it at all. Blacks suffered De Jure segregation mostly in the south, which was segregation by law.. and suffered Defacto segregation mainly in the north, which is segregation by custom or tradition. In the north it was specifically in employment and housing, which is where the word "projects" come from. The housing systems that they used were done as projects just to get them in a house and off the streets because they were unwanted there. An organization named CORE (congress of racial equality) fought against segregation using nonviolent protests and methods. Brown vs. Board of education was the largest civil rights organization at the time, directlyaddressingsegregation. Thurgood Marshall who was a famous lawyer for NAACP who challenged segregation. The Brown Decision was written bychiefjustice Earl Warren.. it was a decision that declared segregation unconstitutional in public schools because while they were separating blacks and whites, they were not equal. So aspromisedbefore, the legalization of segregation in public schools, was taken away, because Warren's decision overthrew Plessy vs. Ferguson.

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