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two of them are the coahuiltecans, and the karankwas

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Q: What native Texans tribes live closest to the Texas coast?
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What did early Texans cross over thousand and thousand of years ago?

Thousands of years ago there was no Texas and no Texans. Texas didn't exist until the 1800's. Before that it was open territory where different Native American tribes hunted and lived.

What did the Spanish bring to Texas that Native Texans hadn't seen before?


What was Lamar's vision for Texas?

HE WANTED TO CLEAR TEXAS OF ALL NATIVE Americans to give more land for the anglo texans.

What Native Americans tribes came to Texas?

apache, crow,

Where did Texans live in Texas?

texans live in texas!!

What cities in Texas are named after Native American tribes?

Waco and Comanche

What were the 6 tribes in Texas names?

Native American tribes that have lived in Texas at some time in their history are:AkokisaAlabamaAtakapaBidaiBiloxiComancheCoushattaDeadoseDoustioniErvipiameEyeishHainaiHasinaiJumanoKarankawaKichaiKickapooLa JuntaLipan ApacheMansoMayeyeNabedacheNabitiNacogdocheNaconoNadacoNanatsohoNasoniNechauiNechePajalatQuemsQuepanoQuerechoQuideSalinero ApacheSimonoSolanoTaovayaTawakoniTeyasTobosoTonkawaTulaWacoWichitaXaramesYojuaneYowani Choctaws

What is Texas First inhabitants?

The first inhabitants of Texas were Native American tribes, such as the Apache, Comanche, and Tonkawa. These tribes lived in Texas for thousands of years before European colonization.

How many Texans live in Texas?

approximately 205,000 Texans live in Texas.

What lasting impact did the Spanish's mission have on Texas?

Diseases brought by Spanish Missionaries killed many of the native texans.

List the first known inhabitants native American tribes of the state of Texas?


What kind people live in Texas now?

Long Answer: Texans, and others who have moved to Texas, but do not consider themselves Texans. Short Answer: Mostly Texans.