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What are Natural Resources used be maidu indians

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Q: What natural resorses did the Maidu Indians use?
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Did the maidu Indians use weapon?

obviosly yes

The study of use of natural resorses?

Natural resources are very important if we use them right we can save them too. They help use survive.

What did the maidu coast Indians use for tools?

The Maidu used several types of tools in their daily lives. They used an acorn grinder, mahogany knives, bow and arrows, and stone tools.

How did the tribes of the eastern woodlawns use natural resorses to suport themselves?

The tribes of the eastern Woodlawns use natural resources to support themselves to hunt,farm, and for building materials.

How did early Americans Indians in NC use natural resources?

how did early american indians in nc use natural resources

Is a river a natural resource use by American Indians?

Yes river is a natural resource used by American Indians

What natural resources did the tigua Indians use?


What is the major use of minaral resorses in the US?

to flavor food at reasturants

What natural resources did the plain Indians use?

the plain Indians used long houses & used buffilo meat for Natural Resources

What natural resources do Zuni Indians use?


What kind of natural resources did the Iroquois Indians use?


What natural resources did the Crow indians use?

Corn (maize)