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i do not know that's all i half to say

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Q: What number state did Florida become in US?
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What year did Florida become a US State?

In 1845.

What is Floridas statehood number?

Florida was the 27th US State.

When did Florida become a part of America?

It became the 27th US State in 1845.

What number state was Florida to become part of the US?

Florida became the 27th state of the United States on 3 March 1845. Also, Florida was the 3rd state to secede from the United States on 10 January 1861, and it became one of the six original states of the Confederate States of America on 8 February 1861. After the end of the U.S. Civil War, Florida was the 3rd Confederate state readmitted to the United States on 25 June 1868.

Florida's rank in size?

Florida ranks number four in size. The number one top ranked state in the US is California. The number two ranked state is Texas.

What number state was NJ?

It was the third state to become part of the US.

What was New Mexico's number when it become a state?

It was the 47th US State.

What year did Florida California and North Dakota become states?

* Florida became a US State in 1845. * California became a State in 1850. * North Dakota became a State in 1889.

Was Florida the last state to join from the eastern side of the country?

No, West Virginia did not become a US State until 1863.

What number did Louisiana become a state in the US?

Louisiana became the 18th state of the United States on April 30, 1812.

What number is the state of Louisiana?

1818th to become part of the US.

What are the three largest States in Florida?

Well Florida is a state there are no states in Florida Florida. is a state.