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The Atlantic.

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Q: What ocean did the European explorers cross on the way to the new world?
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Explorers from which european country were the first to claim land along the st lawrence river valley in north america?

France is generally considered to be the first European country to explore, then to stake a formal claim to, the lands along the St. Lawrence River in North America. As early as 1534, a French explorer by the name of Jacques Cartier was sent across the Atlantic Ocean by the French king (Francis I) with the explicit purpose of establishing a French presence in the New World.

How did the European colonization of the New World and the development of the Atlantic system affect the economies and politics of southwest Asia and the Indian Ocean?

Did the colonies of the New World affect the economies of Southwest Asia

What were the European incentives for the conquest of the Americas?

The European incentives for the conquest of the Americas were largely driven by the lure of wealth and power. European powers were primarily motivated by economic gain religious conversion and a desire for political and military domination. Economic gain: The discovery of the Americas had the potential to bring great wealth to the Europeans. Explorers were seeking gold silver and other valuable resources to bring back to Europe. Religious conversion: Many Europeans saw the conquest of the Americas as an opportunity to spread Christianity throughout the New World. Political and military domination: European nations sought to extend their political and military control over the Americas as well as to gain access to new trade routes and markets. These incentives were a major factor in the European conquest of the Americas and ultimately led to the colonization of the New World by European powers.

What was the most significant European export that explorers brought to the Americans and why?

When the Europeans arrived in North America there were no" Americans", but there were many native American tribes who were living there. They gave disease and death to the native Americans when they arrived. When they landed from the Old World to the New World they brought the export of disease that the populations they met hadn't been exposed to before. Smallpox, flu, STD's and other diseases were given to the New World and killed thousands.

Which was an immediate result of the European age of Exploration?

European influence spread to the Western Hemisphere

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What ocean did the explorers and colonists have to cross to get to the new world?

The explorers and colonists had to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the New World. This journey was challenging and dangerous due to the vast distances and unpredictable weather conditions.

Who did European explorers change the world?


What settlements were established by European explorers around the world?


What Settlements establish by European explorers around the world?


What ocean did they cross to get to the new world?

the Atlantic ocean

Why did the first European explorers came to the new world?

to spread the Christianity

What was the European explorers impact on the New World?

nobody knew what was here

What ocean wold we have to cross to get to Ireland?

The nearest ocean to Ireland is the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on where in the world you are coming from, you may have to cross it.

European explorers began to sail the world looking for routes to what continent?


What ocean did the conquistador cross to make it to the new world?

The Atlantic Ocean

Where did the explorers of England usually go?

They went a cross the world to conquer other places

What were the European explorers looking for in the Indies?

North america...... they thought that they were at the new world. North america...... they thought that they were at the new world.