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Q: What other groups besides African Americans are struggling for equality under the law today?
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What group besides African Americans did the KKK attack?


What group besides African-Americans suffered from Ku Klux Klan attacks?


What group besides African American sufered from ku klux klan attacks?

Anyone who supported African Americans, or spoke out against it.

How many African Americans are eligible to vote?

none Whoever said this is very rude and ignorant. The Question is not how many as in a number, All African Americans are eligible to vote, besides those who are incarcerated and have felonies.

What group or groups besides African Americans were attracted to the Republican party in the south?

White merchants, white small land owners and former whigs

What did African Americans want to achieve in World War 2 besides military victory?

In addition to victory they also wanted to show that they could also contribute to the victory of wwII.

What did the African American during the civil war besides cook and clean?

Many African-Americans took up arms for their country. (Both for the Confederacy adn the Union.) For example, the 54th Massachusetts was a well-known all Black regiment. The African-American men that fought for the Confederacy were also promised freedom.

What are Ruby Bridges struggles?

First, it is were Ruby bridges strugglesSecond,people didn't like her so the wanted to... you know, kill her. They like her now, not before and besides the fact that she is african american her parent are african americans so she, in thought, was going to be like her parents. Simple, really.

What do you call a man that is not African American besides white?


Who is African-American that is a president besides Barack Obama?

Nobody He Is The First

Who were the first people to live in Florida besides Native Americans?


What did white settlers in the carolinas do to the Native Americans besides taking their land?

killed them