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As far as I can tell, this is the goal of the Democrat Party in America! (I do not call it the Democratic Party, because that implies that they are strongly for a democratic form of government, which is not true. They are strongly for Socialism.) There are many wealthy Democrats, and it is only the Democrats who are worthy of being wealthy and in roles of leadership. They definitely want to redistribute all the wealth, but they will carefully ensure that only the democrats are leaders. They seem to think that we are too stupid to be allowed to manage our own money. They have the "cradle to the grave" mentality for all Americans, since we must need the federal government to hold our hands every step of the way through life! The men who fought to establish this country as a federal Republican Democracy (whew!) were brilliant, and extremely hardworking. They all sacrificed so much in order to establish this country for their ancestors, guaranteeing freedom, liberty, and individual rights for everyone. Think about those individual rights for a minute. It is those rights that are almost out of sight now. Think about the latest attack on the individual with the "imminent domain" crap that has been imposed on us. It is now possible for a store chain to take away your property if you are in the way of their profits! I've been tryinig to remember that Louisiana Governor's name all this time! My uncle lived in a suburb of New Orleans, and complained about that man all the time! Was it Huey Long? I think that was the name of the Governor who was so terrible for the state, and probably wanted to tax everything and everybody. I hope you gained something from all of this, though it may not have been what you wanted at all..... Huey Long

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Huey Long

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Q: What popular Louisiana politician pushed for more equal distribution of the nation's wealth?
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