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The problems in England that caused the Great Migration was religious and economic issues. The Great Migration happened in 1630.

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Q: What problems in England caused the Great Migration?
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Flood of settlers from England to the new England colonies?

Great Migration...

What is the leaving from England of the Puritans called?

This movement was known as the Puritan migration.

What caused the Great Puritan Migration from 1630-1642?


What led to the great migration of 1629-1640?

It was the migration of settlers (mostly Puritans) to New England.

What was the great migration of 1914-1918?

15,000 puritans that journeyed from England to Massachusetts.

What caused the great migration?

racial violence and economic discrimination against blacks in the south

What was the movement that led 15000 puritans to Massachusetts in the 1630's called?

Because of economic, political, and religious problems in England it led to the Great Migration. Between 1629 and 1640 many thousands of English men, women, and children left England. More than 40,000 of these people moved to English colonies in New England and the Caribbean. In 1629, Charles granted a group of Puritans and merchants a charter to settle in New England. They formed the Massachusets Bay CompanyIn 1630 a fleet of ships carrying Puritan colonists left England for Massachusetts to seek religious freedom. They were led by John Winthrop. The Puritans believed that they had made a covenant, or promise, with God to build an ideal Christian Community.

The Great Migration was an event that caused racial tensions because?

African Americans were moving to the North to work in factories.

What are the environmental problems caused by carbon dioxide?

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Why wasThe Great Migration important?

to migrate and get away from war

What part of speech is great migration?

"great" is an adjective, and "migration" is a noun.

Who painted the great migration?

Jacob Lawrence was the one who was associated with "The Great Migration"