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2Pac(Black Panthers Party)

Ice Cube(Black Panthers Party)

OMG(Black Panthers Party)-Ice Cube's son.

Doughboy(Black Panthers Party)-Ice Cube's son.

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Q: What rappers are in the Black Panthers Party?
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What did Huey newton and bobby seal founded?

The Black Panthers party which they founded in Oakland, California. It was originally called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

Why was the Black Panther Party considered radical?

The Black Panthers advocated violent solutions to the discrimination African-Americans suffered for over one hundred years after the abolition of slavery during the 1960s.

What state did the black panthers originate in?

Oakland California

Was the black panther party considered a gang?

It's important for the word racism to be defined to assess the stance of the Black Panthers.1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race2 : racial prejudice or discriminationAccording to the ten point Panther Program they want:1. Peers/blacks to be control of any institution within their community.2.The government to provide full employment for black people.3. They want land/mules or money for every black person in America.4. Decent Housing is to be provided for blacks.5. Proper education and history of blacks in America.6. Free healthcare for blacks.7. Blacks should be able to arm themselves against the government/police.8. End all wars of aggression. (I personally think that's a great idea.)9. Retrying the cases for any black that is imprisoned, by a jury of peers10. Because of their history in the US, they have the right to to all of the things above.In conclusion of these 10 principles, I would easily say yes. Establishing equal rights between all races is very well overstepped with these ten points. Only promoting one's own race through prejudice and sole racial advancement is racism.Is the group a hate group? I would say no, the Black Panthers are not organized as a hate group though they are on a watch list, and the New Black Panthers are classified as black supremacists (which is quite racist).------------------------------No, The are not in any way shape or form racist . They believe in Black " Equality " and "unity" , not black power . The KKK is a hate group , that believes in "white power " and is in no comparison to the BPP [ black panther party] .Edit: What the hell does black equality mean? and unity? And how are they not in favor of black power if they are a part of that whole movement. Did they not host the black power conference on Malcolm X's birthday? Get your facts straight. Groups like the KKK call for white power and are called racist, but the black panthers can boast about black power and their case is dismissed. They are just as racist as the KKK and the Aryan Guard. The NAACP is racist too. Anyone who is out there based on their race is racist.Any group that promotes hate And violence based on someone's race is a hate group.

Is there a video of the Black Panthers?

i need more detail. i don't understand what your trying to ask.

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How do you contact the black panthers?

The Black Panther Party was dissolved in 1982.

Who is Elbert Howard from the Black Panthers?

A founding member of the Black Panther party

When was the Black Panthers created?

The Black Panther Party was created in October 1966.

When was black panthers created?

The Black Panther Party was created in October 1966.

What political party was formed to fight against police brutality in the ghetto?

Black Panthers

What did Huey newton and bobby seal founded?

The Black Panthers party which they founded in Oakland, California. It was originally called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

Is Carlos Santana a black panther party member?

No. He however, played with some of the Panthers' members.

Are leopards and black panthers the same?

Black panthers are black leopards, and, black jaguars.

What race are all the black panthers?

their is no race for black panthers

What happen to the black panthers are they still around?

The black panthers still exist but aren't as active now that the civil rights movement of the past is over. There is a new black panther party that the original party does not condone and rejects. The new black panther party is a anti-Semitic and racist organization who hijacked the name and symbol of the original group.

What is a blach panthers species?

Black panthers are either black leopards or black jaguars.

Are black panthers predators?

Human beings are the biggest threat to the survival of black panthers. The environmental changes, which cause the loss and deterioration of natural habitats for black panthers, are also a big threat to black panthers.