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He wanted African-Americans to learn trades that would offer them the opportunity to be a progressive citizen. He wanted to them to have a great education but currently, they were ignored in the "progressive movement."

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Q: What reform movements were Booker T Washington identified with?
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What were not a target of Progressive reform movements?

Territorial expansion was not a target of progressive reform movements.

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Certain reform movements led women to become leaders of various reform movements. An example is that women believed their lives will improve with women's suffrage that is why they led this reform.

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How did catharine Beecher and amgelina grimke agree?

they agreed that reform movements were important

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What did Angelina Grimke and Catharine Beecher agree on?

They agreed that women should be a part of reform movements. (APEX)

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what new religious ideas set the stage for reform movements of the mi-19th century?

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They disagreed about the role women should play in reform movements.