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sand creek massacure

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Q: What resulted when peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho were attacked without warning by the US Army and over 150 inhabitants were killed mostly women and children?
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What groups were involved in the Chivington Massacre?

The Chivington Massacre, more commonly called the Sand Creek Massacre, involved the Colorado Territorial Militia, who attacked and destroyed a peaceful village of Cheyenne and Arapaho. Of the estimated 70-162 native Americans who were killed and mutilated, approximately 2/3 were women and children

Where was sand creek and what occured there?

In 1864, a peaceful Indian camp in Sand Creek Colorado was attacked by about 700 members of the Colorado Militia, killing about 150- mainly women and children.

What happened at sand creek in 1864?

The Colorado Territorial Militia attacked a peaceful Cheyenne and Arapahoe village under Chief Black Kettle killing as many as 163 indians. It is known as the Sand Creek Massacre.

What did the U.S. Army soldiers so at the Sand Creek?

During the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864, US Army soldiers attacked a peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho camp in Colorado. They indiscriminately killed around 200 people, mostly women, children, and elderly, despite promises of safety. The soldiers mutilated and scalped many of the victims.

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What were the cheyenne Indians legacy?

being a peaceful, practical, nomadic, and friendly to the soldiers, even trading with them. When American settlers arrived, the Cheyenne territory covered South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas.

Was there a massacre of Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek?

Yes. On November 29, 1864 Colonel John Chivington led an attack on around 100 peaceful Cheyenne Indians. Most in the camp were killed.

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Like all native tribes prior to European contact, the cheyenne often raided neighbouring tribes. It was in this way that they first acquired the horses that made them such a powerful threat to American expansion in the 19th century.

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