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We first need to understand that most human values are universal. This change in thinking is a prerequisite for advancing any discussion of "shared values". Many writers and researchers are finally coming to this conclusion and articulating it without fear of shame or ridicule. Even the United Nations is developing a set of Universal Human Values. We differ in degree, not dimension. We all share the same essential values because values are based on human needs, and we all have the same needs. Our shared or common values include: Life, Love, Liberty,Truth, Freedom, Justice, Honesty, Learning, Understanding, Peace, Non-Violence, Respect, Empathy, Loyalty, Compassion, Happiness, Work, Growth, Belonging, Responsibility, Self-Determination, Achievement, Self-Direction, Affiliation, and Power.

One example taken from human organizations is instuctive. What almost inevitably happens as part of a new employee's orientation process? They are exposed to a power point presentation on the company's vision and values. The reason for this is to inform the new employees about the company values, instill the values into the new employees, and expect the new employees to adopt and apply the company values. This traditional ritual is usually referred to as "sharing the values". But contemporary thinking would result in a different approach. During the orientation process the new employees would be asked to write down the personal values that they will bring to the job. Then the new employees would be asked to discuss their values in small groups (pairs or triads) and come up with a team list of values. Finally, the entire group would be given time to develop a single composite listing of values. At this point the company representative displays the company values and something very interesting and powerful happens. Yes, the employees are surprised that the two lists are very similar. In fact, the new employees realize they are joining a company that "shares" THEIR values. In reality however, what this demonstrates is that we in fact have the same values. This principle known as value verification and validation is not focused on sharing company values, but "uniting human values".

The problem is not our values. The problem is that we have different beliefs based on individual and envvironmental differences. We also confuse values and beliefs which hinders the process of value unification.

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first was nationality, or a common ethnic ancestry. Shared language, culture, history, and religon were also seen as ties that connected people. sharing these traits were thought to have the right to a land they could call their own. Groups with their own government were called nation-states.

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Q: What shared values unite Americans and provide the nation with a national culture?
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