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The question itself is wrong. The Missouri Compromise made Missouri and Maine states. Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state.

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Q: What state was admitted with Arkansas as a state because of the Missouri Compromise?
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What state was admitted because Missouri was admitted?

Maine. Missouri as a slave state, Maine as a free state. Part of the Missouri compromise.

What happenend because of The Missouri Compromise?

Because of the Missouri Compromise:Maine was admitted as a free stateMissouri was admitted as a slave stateAll future states below the 36*30" parallel would be slave states, all above would be free

Why did Dredi Scott say that the Missouri Compromise was not Constitutional?

because it ended the missouri compromise

Did the Compromise of 1850 essentially restore the Missouri Compromise?

No. It replaced it with a deal - California to be admitted as a free state, with certain concessions to appease the South, including tightening-up the Fugitive Slave Act. It was the last-minute Crittenden Compromise that was meant to restore the Missouri Line, but Lincoln rejected this compromise, because it would have allowed some extension of slavery.

Which state was added to the union as a slave state because of The Missouri Compromise?


Was there slavery in the northwest?

no because after the Missouri compromise it was prohibited to have slaves north of Missouri

Why did the northerners protest Douglas's plan to repeal The Missouri Compromise?

The northerners protests DouglasÕs plan to repeal the Missouri Compromise because it would have made slavery legal in the northern territories. The Missouri Compromise had outlawed slavery in territories and new states above the Missouri Compromise line.

Did Henry Clay do the Missouri compromise?

Yes Henry Clay did the Missouri compromise.

What was the effect of the Missouri compromise?

The Missouri Compromise basically gave the pro-slaver states Missouri, and gave the non- slavery states Maine. This Compromise also enacted the 36-30 (36 Degrees North- 30 minutes) which made all states that entered the Union south of that line pro- slavery. This worked until they got to California, which the refused to split into two separate states. The working out of this can be found in the Compromise of 1850.

Why are there 25 stars on the Arkansas flag?

Arkansas has 25 stars on its flag because it was the 25th to be admitted to the United States

Why did The Missouri Compromise need to be replaced?

because something broke it

How did Stephen Douglas plan to undo the Missouri compromise?

Stephen Douglas was eager to develop west of his home from Illionois. As a result, he suggested to form two new territories : Kansas and Nebraska. However, many Southerners rejected the idea because under the Missouri Compromise, the territories would be admitted as free states. Douglas then proposed that the upcoming territories would be decided by popular sovereignty, earning the South's favor and thus, removing the Missouri Compromise.