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Hawaii's tobacco industry grew in the late nineteenth century. This and the American desire for more tobacco strengthened ties between the two.

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Q: What strengthened American ties to Hawaii in late nineteenth century?
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One can say that Hawaii in the nineteenth century was a microcosm?

one can say that Hawaii in the nineteenth century was a microcosm?

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Hawaii was an independent kingdom. Out of interest, the Union flag in the top left corner of the Hawaii flag is there because the King of Hawaii sought protection from the British Crown throughout the nineteenth century, allowing Hawaii to become a British protectorate afraid of American and Russian influence. 'The late 1830s marked an official takeover of Hawai'i by Great Britain. This began with the appointment by the British government of Richard Charlton as consular agent to oversee British interests in Hawai'i and at the Society Islands.' see

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They came to make maps and charts and learn more about Hawaii

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American currency is used in Hawaii.

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The Americans gradually increased their influence over Hawaii in the 19th century by helping the people of Hawaii to depose of their queen. They also seized almost 2 million acres of land.

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No the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown by American businessmen who formed the Republic of Hawaii.

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Hawaii is a state in the USA.

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