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Evolutionary Theory

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Q: What theory says the state was established when a tribe settled in one place to farm rather than to hunt and gather food?
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How the Romantic theory of poetry reflects the early nineteenth century's emphasis on individualism?

yes. I'm studying Romantic theory right now, I'm writing an essay on how it does affect emphasis and individualism.

What is economic theory another name for?

An economic theory is a theory that has to do with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

How did the slavery issue get tied up with manifest destiny in the 1840?

As a result of this theory that white settlers were 'destined' to colonize the whole of what today is the USA, new territories were settled and these territories were coming up for the status of US States. The discussion about slavery had already been going on for some time between the slave-holding South and the Northern States. In the until then existing States the South had an equality if not a majority position in the discussion, and the issue had for the time being been more or less settled in the Missouri Compromise. The new States however threatened to upset the balance of power between the slave-holding States and the rest, and the Southern States therefore insisted that newly established States should also formally become slave-holding States. The Northern States opposed this, as did a sometimes large part of the inhabitants of the newly colonized areas.

What is the theory that nation-states started when people were compelled to accept the rule of a strong individual?

force theory

Which theory says that the state began when primitive families joined together and claimed territory?

evolutionary theory

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Which theory of the origin of the state does this statement represent The state was established when the tribe settled in one place to farm rather than to hunt and gather food?

Evolutionary Theory

How do you make a hypotheses?

A hypothesis is a statement of theory. Something that is unproven. You gather evidence to support that theory. Gather enough evidence to support and a theory becomes accepted as fact.

When was the continental drift theory established?

Alfred Wegner publicized his theory in 1912.

Does a scientific Theory have to make sense?

Yes a scientific theory has to make sense. If it did not, scientists would not have enough information to understand and continue to gather data on the theory.

What tool did scientists use to gather observations to form the cell theory?


Why is a hypothesis important to a scientist?

Once a hypothesis have been confirmed through numerous experimental tests, it can then become a theory. Theories are much more powerful and expansive in scope than hypotheses. Once a theory has been established, it is the role of scientist to try and disprove a theory rather than to try to reinforce its proof.

What is the difference between classical set theory and fuzzy set theory?

Classical theory is a reference to established theory. Fuzzy set theory is a reference to theories that are not widely accepted.

Which theory places emphasis on the learner rather than instructor?

constructivist theory

Who developed the modern portfolio theory?

Harry Markowitz established the foundation of modern portfolio theory in 1952.

Can you change a theory?

yes you can, in theory. But it is very difficult to change an established 'ruling paradigm' (however incorrect).

When was the modern portfolio theory developed?

. Harry Markowitz established the foundation of modern portfolio theory in 1952.

A well established and proven theory becomes what?

scientific law