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what timeline was George Washington was to selected the preside

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Q: What timeline was geogre Washington was to selected the preside?
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What did geogre Washington inverted?

If you meant invented. Then nothing. Geogre Washington was the first president, but he didn't invent anything.

What were the names of geogre Washington parents?

One is Augustine Washington.

Is geogre Washington hair a weave?


Who declared Brazil to be independent nation?

geogre washington

Geogre Washington live at?

Mount Vernon, Virginia

Who was Geogre Washington's financial advisor?

hiam solman

Who was chosen to be head of the Continental Army?

Geogre Washington

Did geogre Washington grow marijuana?

yes of course he did George Washington is GANGSTA

What year did geogre Washington was born?

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.

Who was the first president in the US that was born in Kentucky?

the answer is geogre washington

What Geogre Washington's foreign policy advice?

to stay neutral

During my term in office the us capital was moved from philadelphia to Washington D.C. my name was?

Geogre Washington