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Q: What title of nobility does Paris hold?
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Is the Harvey family royalty or of nobility?

No, the Harvey family is not royalty or of nobility. They do not hold any hereditary titles or privileges associated with royalty or nobility.

What was a former title of french nobility?


May a state grant a title of nobility?


A state may not what?

grant a title of nobility.

What does comte mean in French nobility?

The French nobility title "comte" is translated by "Count" in English.

Is a judge a title of nobility?

No. It is the title of a person in the legal framework of a state or nation

Can the vice president accept the title of duke of Andalusia while he holds the office of US vice president?

No US citizen may hold a title of nobility. Therefore a Vice-President, who must be a citizen of the US to hold that office, cannot accept the title of Duke of Andalusia before during or after holding that office.

What title do the children of nobility have?

Depends on the rank of the parents. They inherit the title when the parents die.

What does the Constitution say about the United States or an individual state granting a Title of Nobility?

There are two nobility clauses in the Constitution. Article 1 Section 9 forbids the federal government granting titles of nobility. Article 1 Section 10 forbids any state to grant a nobility title.

What title did Christopher Columbus request from King Fernidad and Queen Isabella?

just a title of nobility

Why can't a title of nobility be accepted?

because they do not show democracy

What does the prefix graf mean?

It is the historical title of German nobility