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Wait for the first girl to come in with big boobs, wrestle her to the floor, knock her out, strip her, and suckle her boobs

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Q: What to do when a boy is in a girl's restroom?
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Is it OK for a boy to be in the girls restroom?

Not if its for girls only or not when one is in there if unisex

How do you get into girls restroom in Poptropica if your a boy?

You can't; Poptropica doesn't allow it, I've tried.

How do you get in the girls bathroom on Super power Island?

The girls' restroom is to the right side at City Park on Super Power island. You can only enter the restroom that matches the gender of your avatar, boy or girl. Either restroom leads to the sewer where Ratman is hiding.

Why are there urinal in girls restroom?

Maybe there are transexuals who use the restroom. If not, the restroom doubles as a unisexual restroom for both male and female use.

Why girls like unisex restroom at school?

because it's unisex. if there's a restroom that's unisex, then both girls and guys can use it.

Can girls use boys restroom?

yes they can if the boys are in there

Should boys and girls use unisex restroom?


What will you say to boys that look in the girls' restroom?

You girls should say:"Grow up kiddo."

What is another name for restroom starting with an L?

for girls only: Ladies roomfor girls and boys: Lavatory

Can a boy and girl kiss in a boys restroom?

They can kiss anywhere they like. However, it may not necessarily be a good idea, so they'd have to decide if it's worth the potential consequences, like the girl getting in trouble for being in the boy's restroom in the first place.

Is it correct for a restroom sign to say boy's or boys?

The correct form is the nominative plural "Boys."

Is starlight a boy or a girls name?

it can be a boy or a girls name!