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Politics , Religion, Money, Marriage

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Q: What topics do people strongly disagree about?
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You criticize people when they deserve it?

strongly disagree

How do you answer You don't believe a lot of what people say?

strongly disagree

Which describes a counterculture group?

People who strongly disagree with the ideas of the dominant culture

What scale uses responses strongly agree agree neutral strongly disagree disagree?

The Likert Scale

Would you quickly change your job if you found a better paying one Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree?

Strongly Agree

Is fair to evaluate employees based on the results they achieve strongly agree agree neither strongly disagree or disagree?

strongly agree

Why did the delegates disagree strongly to the representation in the national legislature?

y did the delegates disagree strongly th the representation in the national legeslature

Why teamwork not important?

Strongly Disagree

You are a fairly private person?

strongly disagree .

You do not fake being polite?

Strongly Disagree

What is the definition of moral objection?

to strongly disagree

At wwwwarriorcatscom what is the answers to get thunder clan as your clan?

following rules: strongly agree decorating your room: strongly disagree fast runner: neutral (wind clan are fast) defending class mate: agree keeping to your self: disagree trying again: strongly agree swimming in summer: strongly disagree staying up at night: neutral you snooze you lose: neutral sneaking up on friends: strongly agree (thunder can are good stalkers) board games and cross words: disagree in the air: strongly agree (thunder can like the air) first on roller coaster: strongly agree (they are brave) owning a boat: strongly disagree (river clan) color black: strongly agree (attracts the sun they like the sun) loyalty: strongly agree