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Q: What tribe did Daniel Boones wife come from?
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Who played Daniel boones wife on the tv show?

Patricia Blair.

Who was pat boones wife?

Shirley Foley

Who killed boones wife in fallout new vegas?

the lady that runs the Dino Dee light in novac go in the main office and behind the desk there is a floor safe lock pick it and in there will be the bill of sale for boones wife.

Who was Daniel Boone's wife?

Daniel Boone's wife was Rebecca.

Who was Daniel morgans wife?

Daniel Morgan's wife was Abigail Bailey

Who is Daniel radciliffe wife?

Daniel Radcliffe is not married.

What was Daniel Handlers wife's name?

Daniel Handler's wife is Lisa Brown but now Lisa Handler

Who was Daniels wife?

Daniel Boone's wife was Rebecca.

Who played Daniel Boone's wife on 'Daniel Boone'?

Patricia Blair.

How old is Daniel Whitney's wife?

Cara Whitney is the wife of Daniel Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy. She was born in early 1977.

Does Daniel Radcliffe want a wife?

yes he wants a wife named Lara

Who Was Daniel's Bernoulli's Wife?

Ysabel Swisterand