What tribe was sacajuwea in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What tribe was sacajuwea in?
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Who went on the Lewis and Clark journey?


How do you spell sacajuwea?

The correct spelling is Sacagawea. She was a Shoshone woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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the Biloxi tribe,the Chicksaw tribe,Chactaw tribe,the Houma tribe,Natchez tribe,Ofo tribe,Quapaw tribe,and the Tunica tribe

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Yes, the noun 'tribe' is used as a collective noun; for example:a tribe of magpiesa tribe of sparrowsa tribe of nativesa tribe of antelopesa tribe of goatsa tribe of monkeysa tribe of baboons

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The tribe is the Quakoma tribe

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"tribe" is a noun.