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fish, deer, sometimes bear, they also ate corn

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Q: What type of food do the Yemassee Indians eat?
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What type of food did the shoshone Indians eat?


What type of food did archaic Indians eat?

i have no clue

What type of food the the kutchin Indians eat?

they would eat things such as deer

Can you name one type of food that Indians eat?


What type of food did the Cahokia Indians eat?

grass, deer,raccon,squirl

What type of food did the creek Indians eat?

Fruit Custard Delite and Kerda

What type of food do the pueblo Indians eat?

since they were vegiterians they mostly ate that but when they found meat they would eat it

What type of food dose the Cherokee Indians eat?

Food like rabbit,elk,stew mostly animals

What type of food do the mono Indians eat?

acorns 'fish .dear rabits'.

What did kootinai eat for food?

what did the kootinai Indians eat for food

What type of food did the anasazi Indians eat?

The Anasazi Indians ate several types of food. They would grow squash, maize, and other vegetables. The men would hunt small game such as rabbits for the tribe to eat.

What food did the waco Indians eat?