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The Olmec had a theocratic form of government since religion played a key role. Priests were included in the upper class of Olmec society.

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state government .....

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Q: What type of government did the Olmec have?
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What was Olmec government?

state government .....

What was the olmec's government?

state government .....

Did the Olmec have government?


Did the Olmec have a government?

yes, they did have a government. It was a state government.

What was the Olmec government like?


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What type of farming the Olmec practiced?

What kind of farmign did the Olmec practiced?

What type of jobs did the olmec have?

farming and fishing

What type of home did the olmec Indian tribe live in?

caves or tents

The name Olmec means what type of people?

The Olmec were the first major Mexican civilization. They lived in modern day Veracruz and Tabasco. They would be considered Amerindian.

What were Olmec technological achievements?

they used horns and a type of type writer

What type of Olmec statues were found around 1860?

monuments of large heads