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top hat
He wore a Top Hat.

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Lincoln wore a stovepipe hat.

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Q: What type of hat is Abraham Lincoln famous for wearing?
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What type of skills did Abraham Lincoln learn?

Abraham Lincoln was a practiced postman, logger, lawyer (he taught himself), politician, president, and so on.

What is the type of rock for the Abraham Lincoln statue?

White Marble :)

This type of small pistol was used to murder Abraham Lincoln?


Was Abraham Lincoln a melungeon with a Jewish mother?

Type your answer here... yes he was

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Abraham Lincoln had it and Michael Phelps still has it. do any supermodels have mar fans syndrome

What type of tree did Abraham Lincoln cut down?

No he didn't because the story is about George Washington and how he chopped the cherry tree not Abraham Lincoln cutting down an apple tree.

What type of hat was Crockett famous for wearing?

Raccoon hat

What kind of gun did Abraham Lincoln get shot with?

A single-shot .44 caliber derringer pistol.

What type of government did Abraham Lincoln speak about in the Gettysburg address?

A Democracy, "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

What book did Abraham Lincoln credit as cause of the civil war?

Type your answeuncle tom's cabin

What type of animal symbol is mr Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, the year of the snake in the Chinese Zodiac. Hope that's the answer you were looking for.

What type of paper is used to write the sketch of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Speech?

calf skin