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The civil service system is an employment system.

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Q: What type of system is the civil service system?
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What type of reform did President Garfield's assassination bring to the people?

A reform of the Civil Service system.

Is the civil service system a spoils system?


How did the Civil Service Commission try to limit the spoils system?

how did the civil service commission try to limit the spoil system

What was instituted to curb the spoils system?

the civil service system

What civilization first developed civil service system?

The Chinese civilisation was the first to have a civil service where joining it was open to anyone who could pass the entrance examination. As such it was the first modern civil service system.

What is the civil serivce system?

Federal employees are divided into two groups -- military service and civil service. Civil service means civilian service. The Civil Service System is the set of laws and regulations that govern civilian employees. The term also extends to government bodies that have no military.

What is the Civil service system?

The Pendleton Act

Why was the civil service system important?

the civil service system was important for the way workers immigrated and start to find and easy job that will help them

What is civil service system?

A civil service system ensures that appointments and promotions are based on merit and abilities. Appointments are not made by political patronage.

When was the civil service system created?

This civil service system created in china during the reign of the chou dynasty that is led by Wu wang.

Why did china create the civil service system?

China created the Civil service system because it gave them stability. This let them have ore education.

What service runs the civil service system?

The office of Personnel Management

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