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Q: What was Benjamin bannekers biggest obstacle?
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Benjamin bannekers middle name?

He does not have one.

What was Benjamin bannekers son name?

he did not have kids________--__________

How do you solve Benjamin Bannekers puzzle?

By asking Benjamin Banneker how he solved it.

What was Benjamin bannekers hobbies?

Benjamin Banneker's hobbies were math,astronomy and writing

What are character traits that describe Benjamin Banneker?

what are benjamin bannekers character traits

What was bejamin Banneker inspiration?

what was benjamin bannekers insperation

What was Benjamin Franklin biggest obstacle?

himself because he had so much work to do

What were Benjamin Bannekers achievements?

inventing a clock in making an almanac

Was Benjamin Bannekers parents a slave?

Benjamin Banneker's mom was not a slave but his mom bought his dad as a slave then they got married and had Benjamin.

What is the major accomplishment in Benjamin bannekers life?

He did a mathematical study on the cycle of seventeen year

What was verrazanno's biggest obstacle he faced?

Verrazannos biggest obstacle is

What was Cleopatra biggest obstacle?

Octavian was Cleopatra's biggest obstacle.