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Q: What was Crazy horse's childhood name?
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What was crazy horses name?

Crazy Horse took his father's name, Ta' Shunke Witko, translated as His Horse is Crazy, or Crazy Horse.

Does crazy horse is name have anything to do with horses?

not really

What childhood name was shared by general george a Custer and chief Crazy Horse the oglala Sioux leader he faced at the battle of the little bighorn?

The childhood name which was shared by General George A. Custer and Chief Crazy Horse was Curly.

What was crazy horses life like?

crazy horses life was cool

When was Crazy Horses - song - created?

Crazy Horses - song - was created in 1972.

What is the duration of Crazy Over Horses?

The duration of Crazy Over Horses is 1.08 hours.

When was Crazy Over Horses created?

Crazy Over Horses was created on 1951-11-18.

Are horses a big part of Crazy Horse's life?

They were, Crazy Horses has been dead for 100 years.

I'm able to talk to horses am'I crazy?

Talking to horses doesn't make you crazy, but if they're answering you, see a doctor. :) Yes you are crazy.

What was the name of crazy horses daughter?

Tashunkewitko (Crazy Horse) had three wives during the course of his life: Black Buffalo Woman, Black Shawl, and Nellie Lavarie.

What are the ratings and certificates for Just Crazy About Horses - 1978?

Just Crazy About Horses - 1978 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

What are the ratings and certificates for Crazy Over Horses - 1951?

Crazy Over Horses - 1951 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved