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The Treaty of Guadeloup-Hidalgo is a peace treaty signed by the US (represented by Nicholas Trist) and Mexico (represented by Luis G. Cuevas, Bernardo Couto and Miguel Atristain) on the 2nd of February, 1848, ending the Mexican-American War that had begun on the 25th of April, 1846, following the annexation of Texas.

Despite the Texas Revolution in 1936, Mexico still considered Texas to be part of their territory. After all attempts at peaceful negotiation failed, the US invaded Mexico. Despite losing much ground to the US, Mexico continued to defy the US. Having no other options, the US moved in and captured Mexico City, and virtually dictated the terms of the treaty in no uncertain terms to the defeated Mexicans.

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Q: What was Guadeloupe-Hidalgo of 1848?
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