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a period of mass starvation throughout Ukraine - APEX

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Q: What was Holodomor was characterized by?
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How do you pronounce Holodomor?


When and how did the holodomor ended?

the holodomor ended in 2013 due to Brook, Madison and Tylar because they are smarticle people.

What was holodomor?

The holodomor was a massacre of 10 million people by facsict dictator Stalin by forced hunger in the Ukraine. This caused great famine and many people died because of it.

What was the leading cause of death during the Holodomor?

starvation i think

Which statement best defines the Holodomor?

Answer this question… The mass starvation created by collectivization in Ukraine

What year did Ukrainian genocide start?

The Ukrainian genocide, also referred to as the Holodomor, was from 1932-1933.

How many people were killed during the Russian Holocaust?

There was no Russian Holocaust, presumably you mean the Holodomor.

The mass starvation in Ukraine resulting from Joseph Stalin and economic policies was known as .?

Answer this question… the Holodomor

What happened in the Holodomor genocide?

Millions of Ukrainians (2.4-7.5 million) were intentionally starved to death by the Soviet Union government from 1932-1933.

What has the author Fedir Klymenko written?

Fedir Klymenko has written: 'Holodomor' -- subject(s): Catalogs, In art, History, Famines, Famines in art

Why did Jews help to perpetrate the Holodomor?

It is not at all obvious that Jews helped perpetrate this. The word Holodomor was coined to refer to the mass starvation of Ukranians under Soviet rule in 1932-33. This was a period during which the Soviet Union was relatively friendly to Jews -- Unlike 1918-1919 when the Bolsheveks unleashed thousands of pogroms across the Ukrane and after the defeat of Germany, when another surge of anti-Jewish violence attacked those who had survived the Nazis.

What is the holodomor?

The Holdomor was a famine in the Ukrainian U.S.S.R from the year of 1932 to 1933. The casualties range from 2.2 million to 10 million people who died because of this horrible famine, that was not because of the crops.