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John Ross died while surving the militia in philadelphia:( John Ross died while surving the militia in philadelphia:(

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Q: What was John Ross' position on the Civil War?
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Why was john ross important?

John Ross was important as he was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. He was supportive of the Indian nations through the Civil War.

What was Jefferson Davids position in the Civil War?

what was jefferson davids position in the civil war

What did John Ross do in the Revolutionary War?


What was Kansas's position during the Civil War?

Kansas remained in the Union during the Civil War.

What was West Virginia's position in the civil war?

West Virginia was pro Union during the Civil War.

How did John Wilkes Booth contribute to the outcome of the Civil war?

U.S. Civil War

Was bettsy ross in the civial war?

No. Betsy Ross was a seamstress during the Revolutionary war, and was rumored to have made the first American flag. She died 30 years before the start of the civil war

Was john Reagan the north or south of the civil war?

John Reagan was the Confederate Postmaster General. He was part of the South during the Civil War.

What was Henry Wirz position during the civil war?

He was the commandant of the Andersonville prisoner of war camp and the first person to be tried for war crimes after the Civil War.

What position did Abraham Lincoln have during the civil war?


Was John Quincy Adams president during the civil war?

No, Abraham Lincoln was the President during the Civil War.

How was John Brown compared to the US Civil War?

John Brown led raids with abolionists to revlot against salvery. He was a major influnece in the Civil War time, because he used violence to tell how made he was about slavery. John Brown was not an influence at all in the Civil War.