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He had an older sister called Sarah Lincoln. She was 2 years older than Abe, and died on January 20, 1828 at the age of 20 giving birth in Indiana.

Sarah Lincoln Grigsby.

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Abraham Lincoln had two siblings. One was a brother named Thomas who died as an infant, the other was his sister who was named Sarah.

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Q: What was abraham Lincoln's sister named?
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What was Abraham Lincolns sister's ethnicity?

Caucasian; English descent, just as Abraham Lincoln.

What was abraham's sisters name?

He had a sister named Sarah, a step-sister also named Sarah and a step-sister named Matilda

How does Abraham Lincolns sister die?

Sarah Lincoln died from giving birth to her first child at the age of 21.

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President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

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No. Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincolns father.

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He didn't have a brother but he did have a sister named Sarah

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He did, a sister named Sarah.

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Abraham Lincoln was married

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Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.