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The biggest most resounding accomplishments for blacks during reconstruction were the adoption of Constitutional Amendments. These amendments were the 13th, 14th and 15th. Respectively they gave blacks, in order, abolition of slavery; guarantee of citizenship to the United States and granting civil rights and the right to vote.

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Q: What was accomplished for blacks during reconstruction?
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Which former confederate state had most blacks holding office during reconstruction?

Which former Confederate state had the most blacks holding office during Reconstruction

Blacks who left the south for kansas and elsewhere during reconstruction?


What were some failures during and after reconstruction?

one way reconstruction was a failure is that the freedman bureau burn down the blacks school, meaning no freedom what so ever for the blacks.

Who fought to restrict African American rights during reconstruction?

President Andrew Jackson restricted African American rights during reconstruction. Blacks were excluded from southern politics. Radical Reconstruction occurred from 1867 to 1877

Which confederate states had least number of blacks holding office during reconstruction?


An accomplishment that was not made by southern state governments during radical reconstruction was the?

election of blacks as governors

What is the north's biggest mistake during reconstruction?

Its failure to provide blacks with farm property of their own

What where the similarities between the native Americans and blacks during the reconstruction period in 1863?

well i dont know

What was Johnson's plan?

to eliminate all black rights; completely segregate blacks from whites during reconstruction.

How did reconstruction affect racial tension?

The racial tensions were increased because of Reconstruction. Whites thought the Freedman's Bureau would give Blacks handouts and make them lazy. During Reconstruction Southerners created the Black codes as a way to stifle any progress that Blacks attempted to make.

How did federal actions during the reconstruction era affect southerners?

The federal actions during the reconstruction era affected Southerners in the sense that all men were to be considered equal, and blacks were to be treated as equals before the law.

What did the reconstruction act of 1876 do?

Helped out blacks