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The attitude that the old man has toward death is ironic for a couple of reasons. One of these ironies is that the man wishes he had more time in his life.

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Q: What was ironic about the attitude that the old man has toward death?
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What prediction can be made about the narrator attitude toward man in this selection?

The narrator thinks this man does not realize his own frailty.

What was each man's attitude toward equality for women and Native Americans?

Upon the founding of America, neither individual was considered a legal citizen or even a fully fledged human being. Natives were cast as savages and women were considered personal property. Some founding fathers (Jefferson and Adams especially) had great respect for what women could accomplish, but Jefferson also wrote extensively on how "civilizing" the native was impossible, and Ben Franklin was a notorious philanderer.

What is a quote by john lee love?

"...And so what if man has not the improved sharpener or plastic hawke? What will become of the future after my death?"

What factors lead to the Haitian Revolution?

basically it was the declaration of the rights of man by the National Assembly Difference in social classes in the island Death of Vincent Oge

What was the outcome of Emmett tills death?

What was the outcome of Emmett Tills death?In the light of truth hatred can no longer be hidden in darkness. The way young innocent Emmett Till died in such a savage and barbaric manner lets us know there is no level low enough that man won't sink to. So-called adults threaten by the words of a child. A kangaroo court designed to uphold the legalities of justice which made America great was a disgraceful practice of the law. The savage treatment that this young man received by those individuals clearly employed by the devil meant that we could no longer pretend that evil is not among us. Two men acted upon this horrific crime but the atmosphere and the attitude existed in this country allowing one to feel justified in doing whatever evil is present in their heart.The outcome of Emmett Till's death meant that if we were ever to proceed as a society never again can the ugliness of racial hatred permeates this society. This racial cancer is a destroyer not only of the victim/s but of the perpetrators and consequently society.The outcome of Emmett Till's death is a shame that will never be erased in America.

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What is ironic about the attitude that the old man has towards death?

In "The Pardoner's Tale" the old man's attitude toward death is said to be ironic. The irony is that he is cheerful toward the idea of death, which is the opposite of what one would expect.

What is ironic about the attitude of the rioters and the old man toward death?

The rioters mockingly refer to Death, but end up encountering and giving him the old man. The old man was initially looking forward to meeting Death but ends up fearing the rioters instead. This irony highlights the unpredictability and inevitability of death, showing how attitudes towards it can change in unexpected ways.

What prediction can be made about the narrator attitude toward man in this selection?

The narrator thinks this man does not realize his own frailty.

How is Simon's death ironic in Lord of the Flies?

Simon's death is ironic because he is on his way to tell the rest of the boys that the beast on the mountain top is simply the dead body of a man when he himself is mistaken for the beast and is savagely beaten to death.

What is a sane response to your world?

To have a selfless attitude & be more giving toward your fellow man. To love your neighbour as you would yourself.

What words best describes the narrators attitude toward the fever ward?

the narrator thinks this man does not realize his own family

What is a Christian's attitude toward Jesus?

A christians attitude toward Jesus is we love him. He payed for the sins of over billions of people. Some who will never even appreciate him. That's why we love him, go to church, and read the bible. It is the least we can do for the man who saved us from an eternity of hell.

In the man to send rain clouds and old man of the temple what are the main characters' attitudes toward death and the afterlife?


What is the authors attitude toward his characters the old man and the sea?

The author, Ernest Hemingway, had a deep respect and admiration for his character, the old man, in "The Old Man and the Sea." He portrayed the old man with dignity, strength, and resilience in the face of adversity. Hemingway's attitude towards the character reflects themes of perseverance and the indomitable human spirit.

What is the Markham's attitude in his poem The Man with the Hoe toward those in power?

Markham's attitude in "The Man with the Hoe" is critical and accusatory towards those in power. He portrays them as oppressors who exploit and dehumanize the working class, symbolized by the man with the hoe. Markham condemns the ruling elite for their indifference and exploitation of the poor and urges them to recognize and address the injustices perpetuated by their power.

What is the attitude of Jacques towards man in the seven ages of man?

In the "Seven Ages of Man" speech from Shakespeare's play "As You Like It," Jacques adopts a cynical attitude towards human existence. He views life as a series of stages that lead to inevitable decay and death, highlighting the impermanence and futility of human life. Jacques' perspective on man is one of disillusionment and resignation towards the human experience.

'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man with good fortune must be in want of a wife' What does this show?

This quote from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" highlights the societal expectation that a wealthy man is expected to marry. It reflects the emphasis on marriage as a means of social status and stability during the time period of the novel.