What was named after zebulon pike?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Zebulon Pike has the mountain, Pike's Peak in Colorado named after him.

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Q: What was named after zebulon pike?
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Did zebulon pike have a mountain named after him?

Yes, Zebulon Pike was named after a mountain.

What is the mountain named after zebulon pike?

Pike's Peak

What did Zebulon Pike explore?

Zebulon Pike explored the Rocky Mountains in the Louisiana Territory. They named a mountain in Colorado after him.

What mountain is named after the famous explorer Zebulon Pike?

Pike's Peak, in Colorado

Was Zebulon Pike real?

As real as the Mountain named after him.

The grand peak was named after the explorer?

Zebulon Pike

Are there any words that start with z in Colorado history?

Pikes Peak in Colorado is named after the explorer Zebulon Pike. He led the Pike Expedition which discovered the peak.

Who is Pike county Illinois named for?

Zebulon Pike, explorer of the south and southwest Louisiana Territory

When did Zebulon Pike Mary?

When did Mary Pike Zebulon

How did Pikes Peak Colorado get its name?

It is named in honor of Zebulon Pike.

When was Zebulon pike?

Zebulon Pike was born on January 5, 1778.

What is Zebulon Pike's whole name?

Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Jr.