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There is no period in history widely accepted as the Golden Age of America. That being the case, the answer to this question is entirely subjective.

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I think it was a period from post-Reconstruction until the beginning of World War I where there was a lot of optimism in general in America. The economy was doing well, we had realized our manifest destiny, including into the Pacific in the Spanish-American War and there was a new political movement, Progressivism, that was led by Teddy Roosevelt.

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Looking in my history book the golden age of america was at "the end of World War II... [it was] a period of economic expansion, stable prices, low unemployment, and rising standards of living that continued until 1973."

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Such a term as "Golden Age" is generally subjective. I consider the golden age to be Post-World War two; the country had high spirits from just winning against all odds, there was a huge economic influx, and this is generally where the stereotypical "American Dream" was brought to life. The ideal of the 'Proud American' was most widespread at this point; generally represented by a patriotic family, a father doing honest work for honest pay, a stay at home wife who cares for the kids and cooks, and perhaps even a dog, usually represented in stereotype as a friendly, medium sized breed such as a Labrador retriever who would fetch the father's slippers and newspaper. This period lasted from the end of the way through the beginning of the cold war. Its generally agreed to have ended around the 70's when 'hippie' culture began to take over.

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Today is the American Golden Age here are some facts to prove it:

There is no power on earth that could win a war with the USA,

The USA rules every ocean on the planet,

The USA has a Economy bigger then the next 4 combined!

The British Empire was one of the greatest in history and it fought some pretty horrible wars during it's golden age (Victorian Era).

Look I'm not a huge fan of the USA but it is in a Golden Age in it's History!

For Interesting Ideas About the USA and the Future read this book

The Nest Hundred Years

by Friedmen CEO of Statfor a Intelligence Company

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Q: What was the Golden Age of America?
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