What was the Liberator?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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"The Liberator" was a newspaper in the American history. It was about slavery and that it should be abolished!!!

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A liberator is a 4 engine bomber used during WWII over Europe and the Mediterranean by the US Air Forces.

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Q: What was the Liberator?
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What was the name of the newspaper that William llyod garrison published in order to spread his anti slavery ideas?

The newspaper that William Lloyd Garrison published to spread his anti-slavery ideas was called "The Liberator." It was a prominent abolitionist newspaper that played a significant role in the fight against slavery in the United States.

What was William Lloyd Garrison's greatest contribution to the cause of abolition?

His publication of the newspaper the liberator

What was the name of the abolitionist newspaper that William Lloyd Garrison started?

William Lloyd Garrison's anti-slavery newspaper was called The Liberator.

What was the name of the Irish liberator?

the irish liberator was Daniel O'Connell

When was The Liberator - book - created?

The Liberator - book - was created in 2006.

When was The Liberator Magazine created?

The Liberator Magazine was created in 2002.

When was Northern Liberator created?

Northern Liberator was created in 1837.

When did Northern Liberator end?

Northern Liberator ended in 1840.

What is the ISBN of Conan the Liberator?

The ISBN of Conan the Liberator is 0553127063.

When was Conan the Liberator created?

Conan the Liberator was created in 1979.

Can you give me a sentence for liberator?

The Liberator was found in 1831 in Boston.`

How many pages does Conan the Liberator have?

Conan the Liberator has 274 pages.