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Animism. =) just answered it on plato.

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Q: What was the Montagnais native american's belief system?
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The belief system of the montagnais native Americans could best be characterized as?


What happened to the Native Americans that changed theeir way of lifr forever?

the great American belief system.

Native Americans relied on a barter system. This was a system in which?

Native Americans relied on a barter system. This was a system in which

Do Native Americans share the same concept of God with Christianity and Judaism?

Some Native Americans today are Christian, some are Jewish. There are Indians of probably every belief system out there. I am an Indian, and I'm atheist. Our original belief systems, pre-Euro contact, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Christianity or any other religious system that wasn't specifically our own.

Why did the native Americans sell Manhattan island?

They were under the impression that they were selling use rights not the land itself. Land was not owned in their belief system at the time it was borrowed from descendants.

What did the Erie Indians believe in?

Before the white man came, Native Americans had nature-centered belief systems, which were centered around spirits and spirit guides. There was no widespread, unified belief system or organization.

Who abolished dowry system in India?

the native americans

Do Native Americans have a structured religious system?


Why the US develop the reservation system for native Americans?

the US developed a reservation system for Native Americans because when white men came they took their land and the Native Americans needed a place to go also the US was afraid they would do something to get back at them so they made a reservation system

Who developed a counting system that included zero?

native americans

What are the negative consequences of the Spanish Encomienda system?

- Native Americans were used as laborers or slaves. - This forced the Native Americans to starve. - Disease took a toll on Native Americans; they were vulnerable to smallpox, measles, and typhus, and many of the died.

What system allowed spanish colonists to demand labor from native Americans?