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Businessman George Kimble worked together with the newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, to bring Balto and his team to Cleveland. On March 19, 1927, Balto and six companions were brought to Cleveland and given a hero's welcome in a triumphant parade. The dogs were then taken to the Brookside Zoo (now the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo). In 1998 the Alaska Legislature passed HJR 62- 'Bring Back Balto' resolution. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History declined to return Balto; however, in October 1998, Balto left for a five-month stay at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art which drew record crowds.

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Q: What was the bring back balto resolution?
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Why was Balto a hero?

Balto helped bring medicine to sick children who had diptheria in Alaska.

Who is Balto and Togo?

balto is a famous lead dog in 1925, when there was a desiese spreading in Nome alaska. the sleds would pass the medicene down to each team to bring back the medicene. Togo was also a lead dog, his team passed the medicene to balto's team and balto's team reached nome with medicene. (not the movie, this is the real story)

What is the theme of TC Boyle's Balto?

On the movie Balto was a stray wolf-dog. Jenna, a Husky, Boris, a goose and Muc and Luc two polar bears were Balto's friends. Jenna's owner, a little girl named Rosy and some other kids got sick. Steele, a Husky did not like Balto because he was part wolf. Steele and his team of sled dogs had to go bring back medicine for the sick kids. But when Steele and his team was coming back with the medicine they got lost. Balto went to go find the lost team. He found them, but Steele would not let him take the medicine. Steele and Balto fought and Steele fell off a cliff. Balto and the rest of the team started to go back to Nome. But Steel got back before them and told Jenna that Balto was dead, but Jenna did not believe him. Then Balto came back and the dogs that did like Steele did not like him him cause he lied to them. The doctor gave Rosy the medicine and she got better. There are two other Baltos, Balto 2: Wolf Quest and Balto 3: Wings of Change. Balto is one of my favorite movies, you should watch it.

What famous dog helped bring medicine to Alaska during an out break of diphtheria?

The lead sled dog of the final segment of that trip was Balto, a jet black Siberian Husky. That event is memorialized by the annual Iditarod dog Sled race. Balto died of old age at 14. GOOD dog, Balto!

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