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a cottage industry is were you and or family members work from home to produce things and a factory many other people work in a building.

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I have no idea. Thats why im asking

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Q: What was the difference between cottage industry and factory system?
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What are the differences between a cottage industry and a factory industry?

yo can someone answer it cause i really need the amswer

What is the difference between industry and factory?

A factory is one kind if industry location

What is the difference between factory and industry?

Something is to be manufactured is factory(in factory worker called as Labour), a group of factory is called as industry( in industry workers called as employee).

How the cottage industry disappear?

The Cottage Industry ended by the fact people were moving into the city were there were machines that made the wool for the people in a factory that moved things quickly and faster.

What is an cottage industry?

Cottage industry was a system of manufacturing which was very common before the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century. In this system of production, goods would be made in the homes of the workers rather than in a factory setting.

Where was the first factory?

arkwrights mill Ashbourne Derbyshire England

What is the difference between cells and a factory?

Cells are the basic structural and functional units of living organisms, while a factory is a man-made facility where goods are produced. Cells are biological units that carry out specific functions within an organism, while a factory is a human-designed facility for manufacturing products. Cells are highly specialized for various functions within organisms, while factories are designed for mass production of goods.

Difference between an industry and a factory?

A company is a group of people organized for any business purpose (for example a restaurant, factory, store, or insurance sales). A factory is one kind of company that specifically produces items (such as computer, sofa, car).

What Is The Difference Between Company Factory?

Factory is for manifacturing............ But company is for promote and selling things......

Short note on small scale industry?

Cottage industry or Home industry means the manufacturing of goods at home by hands, with small capital and on a small scale by the members of a family. In the past cottage industries played an important role in the economy of our country. They provided employment to a large number of people. The destruction of the cottage industries is one of the main causes of poverty in our country. In India cottage industries have a more important part to play than any other country. They can help a lot in solving the problem of unemployment and poverty. For more than four months in a year, our cultivators have no work to do. Cottage industries can give the cultivator useful employment during spare time. Cottage industries have some real and practical advantages. They make the best use of woman labour. They make the work joyful and pleasant. There is no corruption and no exploitation of the poor by the rich. In cottage Industries there is no fear of a quarrel between the labour and factory owner.

What is the difference between a homemade lollipop and a factory lollipop?

one is homemade and one is factory made...

What is the difference between manufacturing company and factory?

factory means that it produces and company does not produce, it controls.