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What was the first u.s. building to be constructed?

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Q: What was the first U.S. government building to be constructed?
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Where is the government building located in the US?

There are many thousands of government buildings in the US. The seat of the Federal government is in Washington DC.

Who was the first president of us who constructed the White House?

John Adams was the first US president to live in the White House.

Is the capitol building the legislative branch?

The capitol building is the meeting place of the US Congress which is the legislative branch of the US government.

What polygon has the same name as a us government building?

The pentagon

Which polygon has the same as a major US government building?


What is the name of the oldest government building of the us?

The Palace of the Governors.

Which polygon has the same name US government building?


US inventor who constructed the first practical telegraph in 1844?

Samuel Morse

The us congress meets in the capitol building In what building does Canada's Government meet and in what city is it found?


What famous government building in US is in the shape of a polygon?

The Pentagon

What is Another sentence using the word capitol?

the capitol is a government building of the US.

What is the US government's yearly expenditure versus 600000 at first?

What is the US government's yearly expenditure versus 600000 at first?"