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Q: What was the first US city to be founded by a majority black population?
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What black college was founded in 1872?

Paul Quinn College, founded in 1872, was the first historically black college founded west of the Mississippi River.

What is the first major city with black majority?


Who founded the first chapter of black masons in the 1780's?

According to historians, Prince Hall founded the first African-American dominated black masons in the late 18th Century. This mason group included free and former enslaved black men.

What was Massachusetts state population from 1950?

The population of Massachusetts in 1950 was 4,690,514. As of 2014, the population is 6.693-million. The first settlement in Massachusetts was founded by the Pilgrims in 1620, at Plymouth.

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Which country has the first largest black population in the world?


Who was the first to win miss black US pageant?

Safiya Songhai is the first to win Miss Black United States of the Miss Black United States Program, founded by Sonja McCord in 2008.

Why was California founded?

California was founded by Spanish missionaries to spread Christianity to the local Native American population. The 21 California Missions were the first settlements by Europeans.

What minister originally from Barbados founded the first chapter of Black Masons in the 1780's?

prince hall

When was the first black hole?

The first black hole was probably after the first population III star exploded about 13.1 billion years ago. One of which might be the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

Who formed the first Black American Church of God In Christ?

The Church of God in Christ was founded By Bishop Charles Harrison Mason a black man.

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the majority opinion. -apex