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rockefeller's standard oil trust

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Q: What was the first trust created in the United States?
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What is United states?

The motto of United States is 'In God We Trust'.

When was United Church Schools Trust created?

United Church Schools Trust was created in 1883.

When was United Nations trust territories created?

United Nations trust territories was created in 1946.

Motto of United States of America is?

the Motto of the United States of America, is In God We Trust.

When was Carnegie UK Trust created?

Carnegie United Kingdom Trust was created in 1913.

When was UK Mathematics Trust created?

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust was created in 1996.

What currency using UP?

The trust of the United States

When was First Trust Company Building created?

First Trust Company Building was created in 1904.

When was First Potomac Realty Trust created?

First Potomac Realty Trust was created in 1997.

What four words appear on every denomination of US coins?

"In God We Trust" can be read on every American coin.BUT NOT ALWAYS:The only four words to appear on every US coin are " United States of America" the motto " IN GOD WE TRUST " was first used on the 1864 Two-Cent piece.

When was in god you truct put on money?

"In God We Trust" was the motto of the United States starting in 1956. It was first put on the money in 1957.

What is the motto for the United States?

In God We Trust is the official motto.