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The lasting effects of the national youth administration were stupidity, cravings for pancakes, decrease in social life, and a grant to work and go to school.

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Q: What was the lasting effects of the national youth administration?
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When was National Youth Administration created?

National Youth Administration was created in 1935.

When did the National youth administration stop?

in 1943 the national youth administration fell to the national and social criticism

What program gave part time jobs to high school and college aged people?

national youth administration

What is the NYA?

National Youth Administration. SMARTICAL!!!!!!

National Youth Administration how did they help in the great depression?

The National Youth Administration was part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and provided jobs for about 2 million high school and college students.

Was National Youth Administration successful?

yes it was very successful

What did the National Youth Administration leave behind?

The National Youth Administration left behind a legacy of providing work and education opportunities for young people during the Great Depression. Its programs helped thousands of youth gain skills and experience that benefited them throughout their lives.

Why did the national youth administration exist?

hailey is weird so is j.d

What did NYA in the 1930's stand for?

It means National Youth Administration

What was the purpose of the National Youth Administration?

The National Youth Administration, part of the WPA, provided jobs for 2 million high school and college students. The WPA spent more than $11 billion and employed 8.5 million people by the time it was ended in 1943.

Who was affected by the national youth administration?

young adults 16-25 and colleges/ universities

Is the National Youth Administration still in effect today?

no it was only in effect from 1935 to 1943