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the arawaks house name is a caneye

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The name of the Carib's house was Caneye.

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Q: What was the name of the carib's house and the name of the arawak's house?
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Who are the caribs arawaks?

the caribs

Name the Amerindians who occupied Trinidad and Tobago?

The Caribs and Arawaks.

What is and other name for the caribs and arawaks?

Kalinago is the formal name or better yet the name the Caribs themselves would prefer to be known as. Carib was the name given to them by the Europeans and as such had little or no meaning to them.Many have suggested that Taino is the formal name of the Arawaks.

How did the caribs and arawaks get to Trinidad?


Were did the Caribs and the Arawaks came from?


Where did arawaks and the caribs occupy?

The arawaks occupy Jamaica Barbados and Greater antillies

What the caribs and arawaks slept in?

The carib slept in hammocks. Warriors in training lived in a house called a carbet.

Which continent did the arawaks and caribs come from?

The Arawaks and Caribs are indigenous peoples who originally inhabited the Caribbean islands, not a specific continent. The Arawaks were a peaceful group known for their agricultural skills, while the Caribs were more warlike and practiced cannibalism.

How did the arawaks and caribs make ferin out of cassave?


Where did the arawaks live?

The Arawaks mainly lived in the Greater Antilles and the Caribs lived mainly lived in the Lesser Antilles. By the way the Arawaks were called the Taino and the Caribs were called the Kalinago. HOPE THIS WAS INFORMATIVE AND HELPFUL!

Who were the first inhabitant of the Caribbean?

they were the Ciboney, the Arawaks, and the Caribs.

What is the differences between the carib and arawaks the main dish for the caribs is fish and the main dish for the arawaks is cassava.?

Arawak were peaceful and the Caribs were warlike peo shape houses an