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The colonial greenhouse was the nickname for the Southern colonies. The nickname for the middle colonies was the colonial breadbasket.

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Q: What was the nickname of The Southern Colonies?
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What is the nickname if the southern colonies?

don't know, if ur looking for middle Atlantic colonies nickname its the breadbasket colonies

What southern colonies?

the southern colonies were places.

What are the Three regions of colonies?

the new England colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies

What are three types of colonies?

Middle Colonies New England Colonies Southern Colonies

How did southern colonies cook?

how did people in the southern colonies cook

Who sattle in the southern colonies?

The English settled in the Southern Colonies.

What Colonies grew cashcrop?

the southern coloniesthe southern colonies

What do the Southern colonies do?

the southern colonies did were farm and made little buniess.

Which colonies relied most on slave labor?

Southern Colonies.

Which colonies changed more before becoming states the nortern or southern colonies?


What were the reasons why the southern colonies were found?

The southern colonies were founded because it was discovered that these colonies were rich in Natural Resources. People thought that the southern colonies would make them rich.

How life in the colonies was shaped by where people lived?

The colonies were separated into the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.